I wish I was a boy again With my life spread before me You should have known me then They were sunny days of love and friends.
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Fancy – Deep In My Heart

Fancy – Deep In My Heart
CD, Album
Mar 1991
ZYX Records
ZYX 20190-2
0 9020402194 9
LC 6350
Germany Germany
Jewel Case

Producer: T.I.P.
Produced At Lake Side Studios, Ammersee
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It was 1991 and still the beginning of a new decade of music – already his fifth album “Five” (1990) differed in sound, although of course synthesizers were used, from his previous albums. The touch of the fancy sound remained in the songs, but from that time they went more in the direction of Euro-dance and hip-house.

In his new album he experimented with the new and popular hip-house sound and possibly completely surprisingly: with rap. He himself did not rap, but Steve D5 (Stephen Aldo Dockery), whom Fancy already knew and whom he had singing along for many pop-rap tracks until Strip Down (2000). On the new album “Six: Deep In My Heart” are numerous reissues of Fancy‘s old hits in a new hip-house sound – but also new titles, such as “Love in Japan”, “Deep In My Heart”, “Push And Shove Of Love”, etc..

With the new decade of music not only the music direction parted with Fancy, but also the label, and an old co-producer. Since 1989, Fancy now produced his tracks independently, or with his team. Anthony Monn did not co-produce in the future anymore, because he left the music business at the end of the 80s and sold his studio. Metronome Records also weren’t publishing his albums in the future anymore, because Fancy was not familiar with the newly replaced staff. He presented the album to zyx records instead – with whom he now cooperated for his future albums. He had many of his productions for other artists from the 80’s released under zyx already and as the most famous company for Italo Disco they were not unknown to him. Hansa was of course a music label that accompanied him even before the 80s and under which he released his disco-funk productions (for artists such as Red Face and Claudia Field) and German Schlager titles, but in comparison they probably didn’t have as much interest in Fancy’s new sound.

Many of his previous tracks and productions, like this album, were produced at the Lakeside Studio, in Utting am Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany. On the pool terrace of the studio Steve D5 danced and rapped with the Flying Rap Boys to Fools Cry Rap – a video was recorded that possibly served as a promo for the song. The complete video has not been released yet. Furthermore, in 1990 he also produced the last dance track for his synonym “Timerider”: Push Me (featuring “Double Feet”). The song is a disco banger despite the new Italo dance style.

Even with the now different musical direction, his fans continued to support him and remained loyal. Fancy reached the cult status and never disappointed the listeners.

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